I want to drive for Uber or Lyft, whats rideshare insurance, and do I need it?

Are you looking for Uber or Lyft Rideshare Insurance?

Great question! These transportation networks have been growing quickly and many of our clients have become drivers for both Uber and Lyft. I know I personally enjoy using both services when I travel (it’s very convenient to see a picture of your driver before you are picked up!)

The first thing to know about a personal auto policy is that most companies specifically exclude coverage when you are transporting passengers for a fee. However, you can purchase a “rider” (no pun intended!) on your policy to include coverage for your new driving activities.

When you have the transportation network coverage, your personal auto policy will cover you from the time you turn on your rideshare app, until you accept a trip. Once you are in route to pick up your passengers, the transportation network’s insurance becomes primary and any additional coverage provided by your policy becomes secondary.

So how much does this “rider” cost? This really depends on how many miles a year you drive, the type of vehicle and your driving record. However, we have seen the cost of this “rider” can quickly be covered by picking up an extra ride or two.

Also, please know that not every insurance company is offering this additional coverage. Our office currently has two companies offering this coverage. It is important to contact our office to discuss your plans and our staff will be happy to provide advice and help you quote out your options.

You can call the office at (530) 674-5054, email us at info@oakviewins.com or reach us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OakviewInsuranceServices .

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