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Are you looking for an individual life insurance quote? Are you looking for a life insurance agent in Yuba City, CA? If you want to work with Yuba City’s highest-rated agency, call Oakview Insurance Services, Inc. today (530) 674-5054.

Life insurance is not only the cornerstone of a solid financial plan, but it’s hands down one of the most cost-effective ways to protect the people who depend on you the most. Oakview Insurance Services is the highest rated insurance agency in Yuba City, CA. Unlike Farmers Insurance, Allstate Insurance, USAA, State Farm Insurance, and AAA, we work with actual Life Insurance Companies. So, not only do we have better rates, but often our policies carry more bells and whistles like living benefits.

Oakview Insurance Services, Inc. provides life insurance for individuals in Yuba City, Marysville, Sutter, Plumas Lake, Wheatland, Gridley, Live Oak, Olivehurst, Natomas, Lincoln, Roseville, Rocklin, Sacramento, and every city throughout CA.

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Our Life Insurance carriers include the likes of AIG Life Insurance, American National, John Hancock, Transamerica, Banner Life Insurance, Assurity, Genworth, Guardian, Voya, Lincoln Financial Group, Protective Life Insurance, and Principal to name a few.

So why should you purchase life insurance? Consider these 3 scenarios:

  • What would happen if you died prematurely, what would happen to your family? Could they maintain their current lifestyle?
  • Would your kids be able to go to college? Would your spouse be able to shoulder the load with one income?
  • If you have a child, are married, or you are carrying any kind of debt, purchasing life insurance is a no-brainer.

If all three, well, hopefully, you already have life insurance. Here are a few other reasons to purchase life insurance though:

  • income replacement
  • retirement planning
  • college savings
  • charitable donations
  • pay federal death and estate taxes
  • create an inheritance for your heirs
  • pay final expenses

Oakview makes buying life insurance easy

We have access to a wide range of life insurance companies so we can survey the marketplace and based on your individual rating criteria, find the best possible life insurance policy at the best price. Life insurance pricing is based on two main variables — your age, and your health.

When purchasing life insurance there are a few things to consider. Do you want a Term Life Insurance Policy or something that will last forever like a Universal Life Policy? If you don’t understand the difference that’s okay. That’s what we’re here for.

Our Life Insurance specialists can also help with the following solutions:

  1. Disability Insurance (for say Dr.’s and Lawyers etc.).
  2. Long Term Care Insurance
  3. Cash value plans like IUL’s, UL’s, and GUL’s

So how much life insurance do I need?

A mistake that we often see people make is basing their life insurance coverage on a guess, or just grabbing a number out of thin air without realizing what the impact of inflation could have on their life insurance proceeds.

One of the benefits of working with an independent agent like us is that we can conduct a comprehensive needs analysis, and then determine the exact amount of coverage you’ll need to protect the people who depend on you.

The amount of coverage you need depends on a number of different variables. Here are a few examples:

  • how many children you have
  • your future earnings potential
  • whether or not you’re married
  • spouses future earnings potential
  • you and your spouse’s age
  • amount of debt you have

So if you’re looking for a life insurance quote, get started today with a free life quote by clicking the link below. Or, call for a free consultation.

To get started on your quote, call our office or click over to our quotes page.

Either way, we’ll make the process simple!

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