California FAIR Plan Wildfire Hardening Discounts

Introducing the NEW Wildfire Hardening Discounts by California FAIR Plan

Commencing August 23, 2023

The California FAIR Plan introduces an exciting addition to its offerings – the NEW Wildfire Hardening Discounts. These exclusive discounts are set to roll out from August 23, 2023, and hold applicability across the spectrum of the Dwelling Fire Policy. Whether it’s a fresh policy, a renewal, or a midterm endorsement request, these discounts have you covered.

Strategically Rewarding Proactivity

The Wildfire Hardening Discounts are meticulously designed to extend recognition and rewards to policyholders who actively undertake precautions to safeguard their properties against the impending threat of wildfires. This innovative solution presents policyholders with two distinct discounts, each tailored to a specific aspect of wildfire protection.

Discount 1: Protecting the Structure (10% Savings)

This discount revolves around fortifying the fundamental structure of the property. Eligibility hinges on the property meeting precise requisites:

  • The dwelling must boast a Class-A Fire Rated Roof, incorporating materials like composition shingle, stone, concrete or clay tile, or metal.
  • The lower six inches of exterior walls must consist of non-combustible material.
  • Equipping vents with ember and fire-resistant wire mesh is imperative.
  • Double-paned windows are a prerequisite.
  • Enclosed eaves are obligatory.

Discount 2: Protecting the Immediate Surroundings (5% Savings)

This discount underscores safeguarding the immediate vicinity of the property. Qualification rests on adhering to these stipulations:

  • Mandatory clearance of vegetation and debris under decks.
  • Maintenance of an ember-resistant zone within a five-foot radius of the home.
  • Absence of combustible sheds or outbuildings within a 30-foot radius of the dwelling.
  • Conformance to defensible space standards, encompassing tree trimming, brush clearance, and yard debris removal in accordance with California Public Resources Code 4291. A comprehensive Defensible Space Checklist is available as a resource.

Flexibility in Discount Utilization

Policyholders hold the reins when it comes to harnessing the benefits of these valuable discounts. They can opt for these discounts either individually or combine them for enhanced savings potential.

Eligibility Verification and Cautionary Note

A crucial point to bear in mind is that eligibility verification is conducted through meticulous property inspections. Discounts are subject to potential withdrawal if the property falls short of the qualifying criteria.

Seizing the Opportunity

Policyholders eager to capitalize on the multifaceted advantages that the Wildfire Hardening Discounts offer must take action by completing and signing a Supplemental Application for Wildfire Hardening.

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CA Fair Plan Wildfire Hardening Discounts Effective 8-23-23